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Annette Libby Impressions in Pottery

Artist Annette Libby was born in Germany and grew up in the beautiful region of Wetterau north of Frankfurt am Main. Her love for nature started when she was a little girl.
Impressions in Pottery- M�nzenburg / Wetterau - � Norbert Leipold -
Muenzenburg / Wetterau - Germany

She married and moved to Virigina Beach, VA. 26 years ago.

Her love for nature remained but it was not until she moved to North Carolina where a happy coincidence got her in touch with clay.

Annette started to work as sales assistant  at DK Clay,a pottery studio in Clayton,near Raleigh, NC.

She had always been fascinated by the fact that one can turn a moist and moldable piece of clay into something completely permanent just by introducing heat, whereas if left out in the elements it would eventually return back to it's origin.
When the company she was working for moved to another city, Annette decided to start making her own pottery and began experimenting with clay and those materials she found in nature. Walks through the forests close to her home have given her the inspiration to create these fabulous and unique pieces of art ever since.

Annette's pottery is formed by hand using a clay slab.

Her connection with nature is reflected in her Art.

Once dried all pieces are bisque fired, hand glazed and fired once again in a electric kiln. She also startet to explore to a greater extend the raku firing process in which the piece is first glazed and then fired in a gas kiln to a temperature of approximately 1600-1800 degrees fahrenheit depending on the glaze used. It is then placed in a reduction chamber, in her case a metal trashcan containing newspaper. Once the paper ignites, the lid is placed on the trashcan which extinguishes the flames and the piece is allowed to cool. She frequently likes using a type of glaze that produces gorgeous metalic effects.
Today, Annette is a well recognized artist in North Carolina and her unique pieces of art embellish homes not only in the US but around the globe. You can see more of Annette's pieces here.

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