Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The changes we've seen commentary

When we opened in Downtown New Bern in 1990 there was hardly one second story apartment, shops closed on Wednesday afternoons, the Post Office was in the Federal Courthouse, there was a creepy pool hall where the fountain is beside Carolina Creations.

     There was an empty lot where Nauti Paws and Fraser's is, Captain Ratty's was on the corner of Pollock and Craven St and was a nautical gift shop. There was a newsstand where Captain Ratty's is now. The expansion of the Baker's Kitchen was boarded up and had no roof. There was a building that had been a car lot where the Bank of America building is and Barbour Boatworks building was where the North Carolina History Center is now.

     There was a breakfast/lunch restaurant in the bottom of the Elks Building. The lot where the Convention Center is now was empty and there was no "new" part of the DoubleTree.

     Where Carolina Creations is now was a Chinese Restaurant which didn't look like much from the outside but the food was wonderful. There was a gas station across from the Convention Center, on the corner of Pollock and East Front Street where my house is, on the corner of Broad and East Front Street.There was a tank farm on the north side of Union Point Park, and the park looked pretty shabby. There was a Woolworth's where the Baptist Church Park is, and a pawn shop where the Olive Oil shop is now.

     Hearne's Jewelers was where the Pepsi Store is, a dead Holiday Inn behind the Galley Store, and on and on.

     When we first started thinking about moving to New Bern we dreamt that it would be what it is today. What's next?

     What I would like to see is a storefront on the corner of Craven and South Front Street, the Elk's Building renovated, a parking structure in the parking lot across from City Hall encompassing the County Building, a grocery store, the starting line of a dedicated bike trail and a brewery!

     Friends from Miami have been here for a few days and were talking to a waitress who has always lived here. She was telling them how much she'd like to move to Miami, or anywhere for that matter. It was neat to hear them tell her how wonderful New Bern was and that she was lucky to be here, and that Miami has nothing over New Bern.

     So for our town we'll see what the next few years bring, it is an exciting time to be in New Bern!!

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