Monday, November 05, 2012

Vollis Simpson Whirlygigs

We've been a fan of Vollis Simpson since we moved to North Carolina in 1989. We have visited his property many times, have enjoyed talking to him and own one of his small whirlygigs.

He is 93 and no longer able to climb up on his creations to repair them. To save these treasures the City of Wilson,  private donors and the Arts Council of North Carolina have come together to create a park in the Downtown of Wilson and restore his work.

Over the weekend we went to Wilson and toured the facility where they are being worked on. We didn't drive out to his farm this time because we were told there were only 8 left there.

The ones they can restore, they are. Some have original paint that they are preserving, others that are too deteriorated, they are recreating and the originals will reside in an indoor museum.

Here are some photos we took a few years ago when they were on Vollis's farm.

What a treasure these are!

Here is a link to the website that talks about their plans!

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