Sunday, October 28, 2012

Notes from our customers

Thank you to our lovely loyal customers of Carolina Creations - for making our Saturday, our week, our month... and for yet again enabling us to pay many working artists for the good work that they do!!
We LOVE the notes we get from our customers! I think of how many times I've written a note to a shop...... not very many..... so we are thrilled to receive these....

I love shopping at Carolina Creations!! Always a great selection and I like the variety of different artist!! Something for everyone. Amanda

While visiting New Bern in May I stopped off at your shop and absolutely loved it.  Bought a few pieces of clay art that I carried on the plane back to Tacoma, WA.  The sea ray and crab are now hanging in my bathroom and remind me of my visit!  Thanks for the memories. Pat

Carolina Creations is the coolest!!!

Love my hours spent in your shop.  I'm coming soon!!!

I love your gallery!  We live in Wilmington, but discovered your shop and have stopped in to see your displays when we are in the area.

Your store is just loaded with perfect gifts and surprises. always a joy.

We love Carolina Creations! Aimee

I live in Wilson and always look forward to visiting New Bern and Carolina Creations.  We love shopping at your store for Christmas presents throughout the year. Thanks for providing such a unique and charming shopping experience.

Good golly Miss Molly you guys have the BEST artisans' work in your shop!  So, I'm going to be bringing in more friends in the coming months to enjoy the plethora of artistic brilliance!

I am absolutely itching to get to your store, and I will be there soon!  It's been a long dry season without you.  Retail therapy is definitely in order!!!

Today (Sunday Oct 28) we're going to take a break since Sandy is blowing through. We don't have any flooding or anything but it's pretty rotten out!

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