Saturday, July 14, 2012

Writing a Journal

We have some beautiful journals at Carolina Creations! As a child I had the typical diary with a lock  and key. I don't know what ever happened to it! Doubt that the reading was too interesting. 
When Michael and I got married I just started writing down highlights of our life in a note book, who got married, who died, what we did on a particular holiday. Then about the time we moved to New Bern, 1989, I went back through all those notes and filled in the blanks in a bound journal. We had gotten married and moved to Aspen and had quite an adventure there so wanted to write it all down so I wouldn't forget. Since then I've been writing pretty regularly. 
This blog is like a journal too but more about Carolina Creations and more visual than my personal journals.
If you want to start writing a journal what do you write about?
I write about 
- good things that happen to us, and bad
- people who come to visit
- illnesses we get.
- books I read and liked
- quotes I find inspiring
- where we go on holidays and our vacations
- make lists of projects I want to do 
- and pie in the sky dreams like spend a year traveling in Europe

- dreams I have - have to write them down as soon as I wake up or I'll forget
- a list of my goals and then I check them off when finished.
At Carolina Creations we have dozens of kinds of journals - they range from beautiful to funny, large to small, perfect bound and spiral bound and on and on.
 I just pulled a few off the spinner to show you.

This last one is a thin journal with only about 40 pages. I take a journal like this on a trip so it's a dedicated journal.

I find myself often saying, where does the time go? I pick up my journal and read back through, oh yeah, now I remember!

Jan Francoeur

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