Saturday, March 31, 2012

Riding my bike again yeah

After abstaining for 6 months, due to severely broken ankle, I finally started riding my bike again while we were on vacation in Florida.

I went with a group of people I didn't know to a wonderful place called Babcock Wildlife Management Area near Punta Gorda, Florida.

In 1941, the Commission of Game and Freshwater Fish, the predecessor agency of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, purchased land in Charlotte County for wildlife management.
photo of sunset at Babcock-Webb
Today this land is part of the 65,758-acre Fred C. Babcock-Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management Area and 14,577-acre Yucca Pens Unit. Surrounded by residential development, citrus groves, and improved pasture, Babcock/Webb is among the last undeveloped expanses of hydric (wet) pine flatwoods in southwest Florida.
Within 5 miles of Punta Gorda and 20 miles from Ft. Myers, here you can hunt bobwhite quail, participate in bird dog field trials, fish for trophy size bluegill, hike, mountain bike, and horseback ride. Resident and migratory birds and wildflowers are abundant.

There are wide, paved roads with no cars! It was wonderful.

I rode ten miles on my little fold up bike, the longest I've ridden in 25 years.

To read more about Babcock follow this link. What a wonderful resource for the citizens and visitors.

 Jan Francoeur

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